What makes your heart beat?

Heartbeats International
Box 30210
SE-104 25 Stockholm

+46(0)736 38 48 93



Heartbeats International is a strategic branding consultancy helping clients to build stronger and more distinct brands by developing their music and sound identity. We create strategies, concepts, design audio portfolios and curate custom music experiences for public and commercial spaces. From our head-office in Stockholm we work with an international network of music designers and creative partners.

SOUNDS LIKE BRANDING is a Heartbeats platform(also a book) where we publish our reports, white papers and surveys. This work has also been presented as seminars such as at TEDx Tokyo, Eurobest, Future Forum, Bread & Butter and Cannes Lions festival.

Before Heartbeats there was DNM – Dealers of Nordic Music, a record and publishing label releasing compilations series such as Nordic Lounge, Modern, Blueprints and Jazzflora as well as artist like Hird, The Similou, Nils Krogh, Tennishero and Ïony.