Hearbeats 4Es

and sound?


Brands today turn to music and sound. Heartbeats 4Es explains why.

The right music helps to create a true Emotional bond with the audience. Music also Engages people and is a social glue that stimulates conversations. Music builds memorable Experiences and helps turn customers to preferring your brand over competitors. Finally, a distinct brand sound helps you to take an Exclusive position in your customers’ minds.

Heartbeats 4Es is a model of the branding work we do for our clients. They understand the importance of being present even at times when their customer happens to look another way. They also know that if you wish for your audience pay attention you need to be relevant and perfectly aware of why, how, where and when your brand uses sound.

Heartbeats 4Es of music branding:

Emotions – connecting with music helps to create a more vibrant brand personality and an emotional tie with our customer.

Experience – music alters our mood, and as with most experiences it sets the emotional framework for how we perceive the brand.

Engagement – music is a social glue that engages people on a level brands seldom reach with traditional advertising.

Exclusivity – music is tied to our identity and helps brands differentiate themselves from competitors.