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Brands love it. We all do. Still, many companies treat sound only as a tactical instrument and don’t fully utilize music’s emotional power to benefit their business.

Treating audio merely as a tactical tool often results in brands that are not in tune with their identity, or sound almost exactly like their competitors. Often these companies unknowingly project multiple brand personalities because their sonic communication is based solely on personal subjective taste or a temporary concept rather than rooted in the brand. Holding on to this attitude makes it difficult to evaluate investments and one tends to miss out on the many benefits and brand power associated with a strategic approach to music and sound. 

Heartbeats helps clients approach music on a strategic level. Essentially this means we help answering the fundamental questions of whyhowwhere and when to communicate the brand through music and sound. We integrate standards and guidelines in our client’s brand manual as well as in decided creative work, design and curation involving sound. We produce sound logotypes, tailor music themes, curate soundtracks for commercial spaces and create branded radio stations.


What we do:

Clarify music and sound’s role for the brand and how initiatives, investments and choice of audio help achieve set communication goals.

Position the brand within the culture of music and unfold how by associating with that culture, the brand becomes more relevant, attractive and better connects with its audience.

Establish the standards and guidelines for how the brand sounds, also where and when it is activated on various touch-points.

Activate set standards into creative music production, sound design or curation of brand soundtracks.