Max is a hamburger chain with restaurants all over Sweden. Having served burgers since the 1970s, Max has a great reputation for authenticity and quality. Unlike burger giants McDonalds and Burger King, Max is 100% Swedish-owned and operated.

To further establish Max’s position as the Swedish, trendy and authentic alternative Heartbeats was engaged to curate the Max brand soundtrack. Heartbeats music selection presents the best of Swedish music and is played in all Max restaurants. The music platform has also become a vehicle to promote campaigns and competitions.


STIM (the Swedish Performing Rights Society) awarded Max the “STIM Guitar Red”, an award that goes to companies, associations and organizations that use music in an intelligent way.

Max Hamburger Restaurants is an innovative company in the restaurant business. In a deliberate and targeted way they have understood the importance of music for their business. By creating a clear and strong musical profile, they have also strengthened the brand and created a pleasant atmosphere for their customers.

–Stim(the Swedish Performing Rights Society)